About us

Trap Door Printing is a DIY silkscreen outfit imbued with punk aesthetics based in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal.

Trap Door draws inspiration from counterculture printing presses of the 70’s, to the underground music scenes we’ve actively participated in for the last decade. Since hitting the streets in 2021, amidst the uncertainty and decay the pandemic left many artists in, we’ve found ourselves absorbed upon the state of ~The Scene~ . We became enthralled with investigating the 2000s era wave of printmakers in Montréal. Their devotion to community inspired the creation of Trap Door and print as a lifestyle. This platform is for romanticizing oddball fantasies through ink and silkscreens with badass intention. The shifting tectonic plates of DIY is enough inspiration for a lifetime.

Trap Door has curated a silkscreened zine for FAIMTL (Festivales des imprimes de Montreal) entitled Rotten Candy featuring 6 local Montréal artists, participated in art exhibitions such as Possible World’s Soft Return, Kazoo! Print Expo, Lux Magna, and designed show posters for the likes of Suoni per il Popolo, KickDrum, and local DIY shows around the city. We’ve printed merch for bands such as Le Ren, Loving, festivals such as Hollowfest, and cover artwork for Lee Paradise, Crasher, and Tinkertoy Fog Machine. Currently we are curating two music and installation art shows for Suoni’s 2023 programming.